Preview of Coming Attractions

Starting Any Day Now: "That Time Faulkner Rejected the Aristotelian Unities of the Poetics: If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem"--A non-Yoknapatawpha novel that often lands among his top five on critical lists, If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem is two separate stories with different characters and no unity of place or time told in alternating parts. Yet … Continue reading Preview of Coming Attractions

“City Skyline” at the Arts Center

"City Skyline"

"City Skyline", my composite photograph of the Jackson, Mississippi skyline, is on display at the Arts Center in downtown Jackson. Submitted in the Sky Through My Eye photo contest, "City Skyline" hangs alongside other entrants through the end of February. Composed of three sections, "City Skyline" contains elements from buildings impossible to see from a … Continue reading “City Skyline” at the Arts Center