Jackson City Skyline


This composite panorama was made to give a more or less accurate rendering of the Jackson, Mississippi city skyline with triple perspectives merged into one.  The center perspective is from Amite and Lamar Streets. The left perspective is from Amite Street looking northeast towards Capitol Street. The right perspective is from Capital Street looking toward the Old Capitol.

Were one to gaze and walk to merge the perspectives, from left to right one would stand at the corner of Amite and Lamar, look to the left for the left side, look to the Regions Building for the center, then walk up Lamar to Capitol and look east to the Old Capitol Building.

The few who have seen this montage have asked from what viewpoint the photograph was taken. This is the best compliment one can give to an attempt to accurately capture the Jackson skyline in a composite that strives toward realism.

An earlier montage I created contained fewer buildings. Here I’ve added the tops of some buildings peeking above the foreground buildings and inserted other buildings between sections to include many more buildings than in the original. The earlier version was entered in the Jackson Sky Through My Eye contest, but I wasn’t satisfied with it once I entered it. So I continued to photograph the buildings of Jackson knowing I could do better.

Printed, this picture will measure 3 feet wide by 1 foot in height and contains a slim white border not visible against the white background here.

At the time the individual photos were taken, Capitol Street was undergoing a redesign and the street was full of construction and detours. But the tops of the buildings were unobscured, so I turned my camera up and made this.

Many pictures of the city skyline have been published over the years. My hope is that this one will provide a new rendition of Jackson’s skyline that captures what it looks like today.


“City Skyline” at the Arts Center

"City Skyline"

“City Skyline”, my composite photograph of the Jackson, Mississippi skyline, is on display at the Arts Center in downtown Jackson. Submitted in the Sky Through My Eye photo contest, “City Skyline” hangs alongside other entrants through the end of February.

Composed of three sections, “City Skyline” contains elements from buildings impossible to see from a single perspective but nonetheless in approximate relative position. The image is partially retouched in editing and digitally painted to remove unwanted elements such as wires and tree branches in the lower portion of the buildings.

I have congratulated Arash Ghahramani, the winner in our category, and do so again here. Mayor Tony Yarber presided at the Awards Ceremony and noted the prevalence of many fine photographers in the Jackson metropolitan area.