Big Bang

Big Bang
By William Spell Jr

We are made of the same stuff,
You and I.
Not of common stardust as all are,
As all things are,
As bark, fur, the air
Surrounding Earth,
As the insides of things,
As agate, newborn seeds, beating hearts.

If a universe is born in a big bang and
Nothing can hear it, 
Is it a bang?
How big could it be, anyway, 
Everything jumbled up together
Moving away from everything 
Before there was light?

How surprised those first elementary elements must have been
When light rushed by them,
When it struck them,
When it made them glow.

We could easily have missed each other,
You know.
I might have wound up a comet
Flying across the galaxy
Streaking through your sky,
You, looking,
Watching my fiery trail fade
On another dark night.
Yet, here I am. 

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